Is Dental Extraction A Good Idea

Did you get your tooth broken, or is it damaged beyond repair? Roaming around with a fractured tooth will not only hamper your smile but might also lead to root damage.

The Pros

If you are considering dental extraction in Port Charlotte, it is undoubtedly a good idea. To further back your decision, here are the benefits of tooth extraction.

Lower Cost

If you opt for saving the tooth by a root canal or other options, it can be a costly process. One of the prime benefits of tooth extraction is comparatively lower prices.

Tooth Replacement Options

Another excellent advantage of extraction is that you can get another tooth to cover the gap. The new tooth will look completely similar to your other teeth, providing a complete set of teeth. You have several options for this, including tooth implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures.

Prevents Further Damage

In case you have a tooth or gum disease, getting that tooth extracted is better than letting it spread. If you do not react quickly, the infection can also enter your bloodstream.

Comfort Level

Having a broken or damaged tooth can lead to constant problems in chewing. Moreover, your tongue might also get scratched from the broken tip.

The Cons

Along with the numerous advantages, are also a few downsides that you must consider while opting for a dental extraction.

·    The extraction may negatively affect the nearby teeth, causing tooth chipping, displacement, etc.

·    If you do not take enough care, the extraction site might fall prey to infection.

·    In case you do not choose to get a replacement, the gap may cause nearby teeth to misalign.

In Summation

dental extraction in Port Charlotte

If your tooth is beyond repair, the best solution is to get it extracted. You can get it replaced by an implant or cheaper options like dentures. Though dental extraction might affect the nearby teeth, it will not happen if you choose a known professional for the job.

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