Types of Jobs You Can Get in Las Vegas

Like other US cities, Las Vegas has a plethora of job opportunities available to those seeking employment. Whether you have skills and a degree or are starting as an entry level employee, finding a job that suits your needs should not be difficult in this amazing city.  You can find part time or full time employment in sectors such as those on the list below.

Casino Jobs

Obviously, the casino industry is a big deal in Las Vegas. As such, you will find endless jobs in the industry, for both skilled and unskilled workers. The competition for casino work is stiff for some positions.

Customer Service

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Several Fortune 500 companies are located in Las Vegas. Many other companies rely on customer service experts to help their business thrive. As a customer service agent you help people with various needs for a company. Some companies require experience; others do not.


Las Vegas needs more great teachers and educators. Working in this position is highly rewarding each day. It also allows you to live comfortably in this city, whether you teach elementary, high school, or other grades.

Real Estate

Las Vegas real estate is booming and that means there are tons of jobs for agents available. You can thrive as a real estate agent if you are a people person with a bubbly personality and a desire to help others as you succeed. You can even apply for extra credentials like those from taking mortgage ce in Las Vegas, NV classes.


Tons of manufacturing jobs are found throughout the city. These jobs offer people with and without skills the opportunity for growth. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment and with other people, this might be an industry worth looking into.

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